RocketStars: LOFTID // James Cusin

October 29, 2022

NAME // James Cusin

TITLE // Operations Engineer in ULA's Advanced Programs

LOCATION // Centennial, CO

ROLE IN THE MISSION // "I helped develop requirements to integrate the parachute system that will slow LOFTID for splashdown, helped work ULA's Do-No-Harm process to ensure integrating LOFTID will not harm the primary mission (JPSS-2), and helped procure the recovery vessel that will recover LOFTID from the ocean. It's been a unique experience and a learning curve along the way...but it has all been very fulfilling."

BACKGROUND // Born in the Detroit metro area of Michigan, James went to college at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, majoring in Aerospace engineering.

His first job at ULA was working as a Mission Integration Systems Engineer (MISE) on the Lucy and JPSS-2/LOFTID launches. A MISE formulates the requirements to ensure the rocket and payload function together properly to ensure mission success.He now works as an Operations Engineer in ULA's Advanced Programs group and helps with the future of reusability.

INSPIRATION // "I've always wanted to work in the space industry in some capacity. I remember the exact moment in middle school when I decided to be an aerospace engineer.

"Knowing that the spacecraft we launch make a difference is what inspires me to come to work each day."

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